Attracting Fresh Talent

As your teams grow and expand, we know that finding the right talent to match your company's needs can be a tough challenge. With many companies competing for the same talent and the skills shortage in the market is acute, hiring new people can be a pain point for many managers.

In November, we collaborated with the BrightNetwork to co-host a breakfast workshop with Head of People Operations from a range of companies across the UK. Here are their top tips for overcoming the talent attraction challenges:

  • Present your organisation in a unique way. Often, sharing the vision of your company and telling it's authentic story can help identify and attract talent that aligns to your objectives.

  • Create a wide funnel for scoping the talent landscape. Though the market is competitive and there are talent shortages, ensuring that you are tapping into the right talent, pools and communities will significantly help. Map this before the hiring process starts.

  • Pay is not the only contributing factor. This is especially true for recruiting younger talent, who are often looking to be a part of something meaningful, building communities and has a bigger social purpose. Position your company to address this broader desire.

  • Existing people determine your future. Good people like to work with other good people. Ensure that during your hiring efforts, you are presenting the true nature and culture of your people, this will accelerate finding well aligned talent.

  • Create a 'Culture Deck'. This is the backbone of your company's cultural identity that lets everyone know how the organisation really works. It's an organic mock-up, created by input from all team members, which communicates about the business, the values, the vision and operations.

  • Take a 'slow to hire' approach. When hiring for the long term, there is no need to rush hiring decisions. Make sure you take the time to get to know candidates and give them enough time to know the company. This will ensure the right match is made and lower your employee turnover.

Perks matter. Employees really do appreciate benefits such as subsidised lunches and team social events. This signals the company cares about its people and building team camaraderie so be sure to present these adequately when attracting new talent.

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