How Do I Know You're the One?

We understand that getting the right candidate hired is a major challenge for every company, doesn't matter if you're a start-up, scale-up or well established firm. We have researched talent selection a lot and the one shared theme that stands out is having the right process for selection in place. So, here are some easy steps to ensuring your selection process is robust:

  • Go for consistency. Getting standardisation on all hiring cycles is tough but a robust framework, one that is fair, transparent, and achieves diversity, goes a long way.

  • Create a basic 3-step process to understand candidates:

  • Can they do the work? This relates to technical expertise.

  • Will they do the work? This assess the candidates motivations.

  • Do we want them to do the work? This ties to your culture and values.

  • Hire for growth. Build performance objectives for each role you are selecting for.

  • Identify the right format. There needs to be some specific approaches to talent selection, based on the context. Find the middle ground between formal interviews and informal team meets, to get a holistic picture of the candidate.

  • Create a ‘People’ team. Seek collaborations from different parts of your company to deliver internal projects for recruitment, and empower them to be champions for change.

  • Find people with a growth mindset. Your organisation is dynamic and so should your people be. Look out for individuals who are open to continually learn and develop throughout their career - they will take your company far.

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