New Manager Handbook: Effective Communication

December 6, 2018


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As a team leader you need to explain strategic decisions and champion them with the rest of the organisation. You will also have increased exposure to stakeholders outside the people you work with, and need to communicate with them clearly and logically. Here are some tips to help you manage this like a pro!


Structured Problem Solving

If you are dealing with a complex issue, draw an issue tree to help solve it and aid communication. This will: increase your understanding of the issue; make it easier to discuss with others; identify the major drivers; prioritise actions and further analysis. Issue trees rely on three principles:

  1. Hierarchy: The problem space should be broken down in layers

  2. Mutually Exclusive: Each sub-issue can only belong to one group

  3. Collectively Exhaustive: Each layer should cover 100% of the problem space. i.e. adding all items at one layer together should equal the layer above

Make Clear Recommendations
Use Problem, Insight, Action to prioritising action and explaining your rationale.

  • Problem: The top issue or opportunity you are facing

  • Insight: The analysis that identifies the most effective course of action

  • Action: What needs to be done in practical terms

Use Hierarchical Recommendations to structure complex recommendations.

  • Build a one line summary of the action to be taken

  • Support this by 3-4 lines of reasoning - the rationale for why this governing thought is the right answer

  • Prepare  evidence - a body of facts and analysis for the thinking

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