How to Give Effective Feedback

Giving sincere and thoughtful feedback is one of the most powerful ways to continuously improve your team. Here are our notes on giving feedback effectively.


Feedback is a gift! Don't be afraid to give it out, and welcome it when you receive it. Feedback:

  • Helps people grow and develop

  • Builds trust within teams

  • Strengthens team culture

  • Increases team productivity and happiness

  • It's your responsibility to request feedback from those around you

  • You should aim to give out as much positive feedback as constructive feedback

  • The best feedback often comes when you both genuinely care for someone as well as challenge them directly to improve


Use this framework for giving feedback: C.O.I.N.

  • Context: Describe the specific situation you want to discuss

  • Observations: State what happened. Keep to the facts

  • Impact: Explain the impact that this behaviour had on you, those around you, and the situation. Let the receiver ask questions to clarify things if necessary.

  • Next steps: Discuss ways to improve things, and come prepared with a suggested solution

C.O.I.N.​ ... because feedback is valuable! ;-)

  • When: Real-time is best. 20-30 min every 3 weeks is a good place to start.

  • How: Keep updated notes on positive things and things to improve. Spend 15 mins preparing for the chat before it happens.

  • Where: Make sure you have your feedback conversation at the right place and time: go for a walk or find a cafe. If the situation gets too emotional, take a break and revisit the conversation the next day

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