Raising Employee Engagement

Raising employee engagement is a subtle but crucial goal of any manager. This is a critical element of any team management and has direct impact on business performance, team morale, and individual motivation. While everyone goes through periods in their career of feeling more or less engaged, here are some ways you can ensure you maintain a higher and consistent level of engagement among your team as a leader: 1. Gauge the issue 🎯 Using surveys, individual feedback sessions and performance reviews, understand that if you have an issue of disengaged team members, where is this rooted. Is it at the project or client level? Is it a concentrated or global issue? Are certain members of the team

Maintaining Great Talent

Making sure that the very best talent in your company stays on can be a difficult balance. You want to have people grow with the company but also invest in the person's individual career trajectory. We came up with a few top tips to help you navigate this tricky subject: Career success translates to organisational loyalty. Giving people opportunities to do things they are passionate about and grow throughout their career will ensure individuals are well connected to the organisation. Be honest about pay and promotional structures. This goes a long way in clearly communicating to your people that there is a direct pathway within your organisation for them to grow. Put people next to inspirati

Attracting Fresh Talent

As your teams grow and expand, we know that finding the right talent to match your company's needs can be a tough challenge. With many companies competing for the same talent and the skills shortage in the market is acute, hiring new people can be a pain point for many managers. In November, we collaborated with the BrightNetwork to co-host a breakfast workshop with Head of People Operations from a range of companies across the UK. Here are their top tips for overcoming the talent attraction challenges: Present your organisation in a unique way. Often, sharing the vision of your company and telling it's authentic story can help identify and attract talent that aligns to your objectives. Crea

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