How to Retain Top Performers

This week we hosted a breakfast roundtable with MoveMeOn. Attendees from SuperAwesome, Salesforce, HelloFresh, BIMA, Quiqup, Seedrs and Yoyo Wallet shared their thoughts on retaining their best people. // THE BUSINESS CASE FOR INVESTING IN YOUR BEST Investing into retaining your best employees is a smart business decision: Top performers are 4x more productive than average performs. This increased productivity holds true for process-heavy work and the effect is even stronger for creative and innovation areas. 38% of employees are more likely to leave if they feel that there are no development opportunities 24% increased likelihood of employees being retained if they feel they have access to

How to Give Effective Feedback

Giving sincere and thoughtful feedback is one of the most powerful ways to continuously improve your team. Here are our notes on giving feedback effectively. // BENEFITS OF FEEDBACK Feedback is a gift! Don't be afraid to give it out, and welcome it when you receive it. Feedback: Helps people grow and develop Builds trust within teams Strengthens team culture Increases team productivity and happiness // GROUNDWORK FOR FEEDBACK It's your responsibility to request feedback from those around you You should aim to give out as much positive feedback as constructive feedback The best feedback often comes when you both genuinely care for someone as well as challenge them directly to improve // HOW T

Nurturing Your Super Powers: The Importance of Edge

I was introduced to the concept of Edge about 6 months ago when I got a place on Entrepreneur First. EF have helped 350 individuals build 100 companies worth over $500m, and Edge is one of their key predictors of founder success. But I’d argue that it’s important for whatever you plan on doing in life, whether that’s founding a company, scaling the corporate ladder, or following a non-commercial career path. // WHAT IS EDGE? Your Edge is the skills and knowledge you have that are particular to you, and make you stand out against the other people you are competing against. EF like to call it your super powers. It’s something that can be developed over time through practice and study, and expr

Interview: Kirsten Dellis @ Trainline

This week I caught up with Kirsten Dellis, who heads up L&D at The Trainline. It was a great peek under the hood at how L&D looks in a high growth tech company. // KIRSTEN’S BACKGROUND One of the reasons I was so interested to speak to Kirsten was that she had worked not only at The Trainline, but also Badoo and She says each had their own distinct identity and challenges. was a small company which rapidly expanded from 50 to 120 employees over the 3 years that she was there. In contrast, Badoo is the world’s largest dating site, with a lean HR team (just 2 people for an office of 250), and a complex product where it’s not always clear what people want(!) // THE TRAINLINE

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